WOW! We're on a Mission!

WOW! Custom Education, LLC, empowers students and their families to unleash the magic and inspiration in learning. WOW!’s educators guide learners and their families in the construction of customized, meaningful, experiential, innovative, supportive and flexible educational solutions.


Option 1: All of the resources, coaching and support parents need to create the ideal, customized school at home


Option 2: Award-winning, inspiring teachers and curriculum designers provide customized, school at home to students

Both options include:

 Instructional support for teaching and learning at home

School in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home

Entirely customizable, a la carte-style instruction

Museums, parks, and local businesses provide meaningful learning experiences

Social experiences that are integrated, controllable, positive and healthy

Customized assessments

Flexible scheduling

For PK-12th grade students

WOW!’s teachers provide:

Tutoring by expert teachers

Convenient, customized instruction in your home

Targeted academic support for maximizing growth, confidence and academic potential

Invested and personal student/teacher rapports

Instruction in math, reading, writing, Spanish, social studies, science, organization, and/or executive functioning skills

Enrichment in art, drama, Spanish, yoga, cooking... the sky is the limit!

One-on-one or hand-selected small group tutoring and instructional enhancement

Regular, comprehensive progress reports and feedback 

For PK-12th grade students

WOW!’s consultants and advocates provide:

Evaluations, support and recommendations to parents, families, and parenting coordinators in choosing the right school for their child(ren)

Effective and constructive relationship management with school personnel

Understanding, initiation, and/or ongoing monitoring of Section 504 and/or Special Education plans

Support in creating collaborative, positive, confidence-building behavior plans for home and school

Help in locating, researching and obtaining additional programs, supports and services that students might need

Assurance that the child’s best interest ALWAYS comes first

Identification and management of the placement of international students in U.S. high schools

Oversight of all aspects of international students' individual educational programs