WOW! has an option for every learner and family.



Customized Curriculum Development + Instruction

Support for families who want to create their dream school at home includes:

Customized, comprehensive, individualized and private school-at-home program for PK-12th grade students

Coaching and resources for parents to create and implement the perfect school at home for their child(ren)

Learning that happens in the comfort, privacy, safety and warmth of your home

Personalized instruction and customized curriculum

Flexible scheduling

Professional, caring relationships that inspire trust, motivation, confidence and a love for learning

Meaningful, real-life learning experiences: museums, parks, and local businesses become the classroom to bring learning to life!

A la carte style curriculum development: from art to Spanish to yoga to cooking, families determine which subjects a child learns

Want to homeschool your child(ren), but not a teacher? WOW! has all the resources to help you do it!


Consulting + Advocacy

With 60+ years of collective experience behind us, WOW! consultants know best practices, schools, programs and private therapists available in the Phoenix-metro area. WOW! offers:

Support for parents who need help determining what their child might need at school, and from which type of supports and services a child might benefit outside of school

Consultative support and research to help parents and parenting coordinators make the best school selection for child(ren)

Collaboration with teachers and administration at school to ensure a child’s unique needs are being met in the most constructive and caring ways

Advocacy for what is truly best for the student, including issues related to Special Education and Section 504 plans.

Customized behavior management plan development with ongoing coaching for families

Frustrated or just not sure where or how to get extra support for your child? WOW! provides the support you need!


Tutoring + School Enrichment

WOW! tutors and teachers provide:

In-your-home instruction for PK-12th grade students

Targeted academic support for maximum growth, increasing confidence and reaching highest academic potential

Instruction from certified, award-winning, master and current teachers 

Invested, warm and personal rapports between students and tutors

Academic instruction in math, reading, writing, Spanish, organization, and/or executive functioning skills

Learning enhancement instruction for challenge and enrichment in art, drama, Spanish, yoga, cooking... the sky is the limit!

Customized instruction based on each student’s unique needs

Comprehensive and regular assessments and reports on student progress

One-on-one or customized small group instruction

Does your child need more than your school can offer? WOW! provides all kinds of enrichment and support!


International Exchange Student Placements

WOW! Custom Education works to place international exchange students in U.S. high schools:

Identification of appropriate schools (both private and public), and management of student housing options, including student placements with families in homes or in supervised dormitory settings

Strong working relationships with local high schools to facilitate student enrollment and continued oversight of each student’s school program, including any and all advocacy and/or support services as needed

Work with local high schools to determine space and deadlines for exchange student enrollment

Collaborative work with appropriate agencies to ensure that international students have all necessary paperwork and clearances to enroll and attend high school in the U.S.



What parents and students are saying about WOW!

The WOW! Custom Education team has made an incredible difference in our lives by providing professional services and support with a custom curriculum to meet the needs of our daughter. Homeschool has been an amazing experience with caring and supportive teachers. The monthly reports are detailed and very comprehensive. We could not be happier, and our daughter has discovered her love for learning again!” -Sarah, parent of 3rd grade student



“We are impressed with how much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time.-Carolyn, parent of 7th grade student


“My child is happy, excited, motivated and looks forward to school every day.” -John, parent of 9th grade student


“My favorite part about homeschooling is having a new way of learning and understanding why we are learning something.” -Ella, 8th grade student